What is Ether Doggos?
Ether Doggos is a digital collectable game based on the ethereum blockchain using smart-contracts where users are able to collect, sell, and eventually play a few different mini-games with their doggos. The doggos have different visual traits as well as different utilitarian traits which makes them, for instance, slower or faster in our racing mini-game. Since the doggos are on the blockchain and are linked to your public address, they belong to you and are unable to be modified by us or anyone else.
We are using metamask as a way to authenticate our users are who they say they are. All the dogs you own are tied to your metamask address, so make sure you keep your account secure and don't forget your password or recovery phrase, we are not able to recover your account for you! If you don't have metamask yet you will need to download it from the link above and create an account. Make sure to lock your metamask when you leave the site to ensure the safety of your account.
When you collect 2 or more doggos, you are able to breed them in order to produce another unique doggos of similar traits.
We hope you will enjoy trying out our game, if you have any more questions, visit our FAQ or contact us by E-mail at contact@etherdoggos.com for further inquiries.





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