Frequently Asked Questions -FAQ

We are a small but passionate group of developers located in Canada. Our mission is to push the bounds of gaming on the blockchain.

EtherDoggos are collectible pets that live on the ethereum blockchain. Each doggo is a non-fungible ethereum token conforming with the ERC-721 standard.

Ownership information on each doggo is stored on a public contract deployed on the ethereum blockchain. Once you buy or breed a doggo no-one can take it away from you. You are free to sell it or transfer it however you please.

The current beta release is running on the rinkeby network. Make sure you switch your metamask to rinkeby. DO NOT send real ethereum to the contracts.

It is difficult to make a game fully decentralized while preserving cool features and a smooth user-experience. We are striving to strike the right balance in this regard. Our website is simply a front-end for the underlying blockchain functionality that is implemented on the blockchain. This includes all the major features such as breeding, auctions, racing, etc. The only major component not on the blockchain is the animation and graphics and we are exploring possible solutions to that.

We encourage any developers excited about EtherDoggos to contribute and write their own contracts that interact with ours. We hope the community flourishes in a decenentralized manner. Please contact us for support.

If you own two dogs that satisfy the breeding requirements, you can breed them to create a puppy. Our genesplicing contract will splice the DNA's of the parents as well as mutate it to create a unique puppy.

This is usually because metamask has detected an invalid transaction or it assumes the transaction will fail. Either retry the action or wait a bit in case the transaction is already going through.

You have to buy a doggo off the marketplace before your address will show up on the accounts list and you will then be able to change your username from the profile page.

1. You need to own both doggos.
2. Doggos cannot be immediately related.
3. Both Doggos' breeding cooldowns need to be 0.
4. Doggos cannot be on auction or currently waiting to race.

Since this is a beta release, there are currently no fees. We plan on charging small fees (under 3%) when we release on the mainnet to help pay for servers and to compensate developers. We also plan on charging a flat fee on breeding to control inflation.

We plan on releasing on the mainnet during the next couple of weeks. Dog races + betting functionality is being polished at the moment and will be ready by the time we release. Doggo graphics may also be changed in accordance to community feedback.

Doggos can be auctioned using a dutch auction system where an open price and an end price are defined as well as a duration. The price of the doggo will fall from open price to end price during the duration. At the end of the duration, the dog will remain on auction at the closing price. First person to bid an amount higher than current price will successfully buy the doggo.

Depending on community interest, we may release a pre-selling contract on the mainnet during the next week. As of now, during the beta, your doggos are going to live on the temporary rinkeby contract.





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